Monday, June 30, 2008

Crabcake Eggs Benedict

Everyonce in a while, we have breakfast for dinner. Sometimes it's quick and easy - scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. Sometimes it's a little more "complicated", like Crabcake Eggs Benedict. We first had this dish in Hilton Head a couple of years ago and it was wonderful.

We used Norm's crabcake stuffing recipe that we used at Christmas to stuff a lovely filet tenderloin. Instead of English Muffins, we grilled up some large portabello mushroom caps. Paired with some fresh fruit, it was the perfect dinner!

Crabcake Eggs Benedict
What you need:
portabello mushroom caps
hollandaise sauce
chopped chives

As the crabcakes are cooking (we just sautee them in a frying pan), grill the mushroom caps, poach the eggs and make the sauce. To plate: place a mushroom cap on the plate, top with crabcake, then poached egg and top with sauce and chives.


Joelen said...

Thanks for posting this! I went to brunch last month and had ordered a crabcake benedict similar to the recipe you shared. You've given me inspiration to try recreating the dish at home - thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Um....your blog called. It feels neglected and wants to be updated.