Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Senor Mittens

I haven't had many blog worthy food/meals to share lately. I spent all of last week sick with a horrible cold, then a busy weekend...hoping to get back on track and back into the kitchen this week! So until then, I'll share something else...we have expanded our little family!

Norm and I have felt badly for our cat, Dallas. We adopted her 3 years ago from Animal Friends as a tiny 8 week old kitten. In hindsight, we probably should have gotten one of her brothers or sisters along with her. She is an awesome cat, keeps us enterained and is cute as a button (but I may be biased). She has been a little lonely. Everyone from the lady that cat-sits for us when we're on extended vacations, to the vet, to seasoned cat owners, told us that Dallas probably needed a companion. So we finally bit the proverbial bullet and got her a little buddy.

So the fun begins!!!
This is Mittens - AKA Senor Mittens. He's a 5 month old spazzy tabby. He hasn't stopped purring since we adopted him on Saturday, nor have I seen him actually sleep...he just bounces around all over the place, chasing everything in sight. He makes a lot of noise for something so tiny. He is also a complete attention whore! He lets you know, in no uncertain terms, that YOU need to pay attention to him, NOW, lol. We're trying to introduce them slowly to make the transition as easy as possible. Dallas is NOT happy, there was lots of hissing and growling the last couple of days, and spend the last 2 days being reallllllly angry with us, but she's coming around. Mittens, on the other hand is adjusting quite easily and plays with all of Dallas' toys and eats her food ... adding insult to injury to our eldest cat. *sigh*

Mittens also has a cold, and there's nothing quite so pathetic as a kitten sneezing on you. = )

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