Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Today is one of the first Saturdays in a long time that we could sleep in, and not have anywhere to go...and sit in the living room, watch TV and enjoy our morning coffee and a big breakfast.

So we sat and refereed our cats...there's been quite a lot of fur flying the last couple of days as they are getting used to eachother. The litte one is quite the instigator, and is getting very brave in invading Dallas' personal space, lol. And the Dallas gives it right back to him, trying to flip over his water bowl and keeping him trapped under the table. Good times, good times! = )

Here's what we had...eggs benedict on whole wheat mini bagel bread (no english muffins), some potatoes with peppers and onion. No recipe really, as (oh the horror!) this was pretty much all pre-packaged. **sigh** The sauce was from of a mix and the potatoes are from Ore-Ida. Convenient and lazy - yes - but ohhhh so easy.
I got a multi-pan as a wedding gift that has a egg poaching insert. It makes the most perfect looking eggs - hence the picture.

It's one of our favorite breakfasts, and it was delicious! Now it''s time to get on with the day!

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