Monday, September 14, 2009

The Cherry Chomper (and some chocolate chip panckes)

I love kitchen gadgets!

I saw this in the store one day...the same day I was buying fresh was fate! Seriously, how cute is it? Probably made for kids, but that's ok. It was

Not exactly an efficient gadget, but it does give you the chance to bang out some frustrations. It's a little messy - or maybe that was the cook? - as the juicy evidence in this picture illustrates.
The freshly pitted cherries were served along side some whole wheat pancakes laced with some caramel-chocolate chips, and a few slices of bacon.
The pancakes are from a mix. Hodgson Mills makes a great whole wheat pancake mix. All you need is to stir in some milk and an egg and whatever fun stuff you want to add and you're good to go!

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troy skeen said... you realize how stinkin' healthy those cherries are? Nice addition to a great meal. BTW...I've linked to the site, so if you're interested you should check out doctor grandma's pancakes etc. Instead of milk fat we use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and non-fat milk. Odd sounding, eh? Anyway...just another alternative! BTW#2...the chocolate chip pancakes are remembered by my friends from childhood. My mother made them in the shape of a happy smile typically. Fun and Yum!