Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Private Wine and Cheese Tasting

So we made a special trip to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Saturday to gather all the yummy foods we needed for the holiday weekend. On the menu...burgers & dogs, corn on the cob; steaks and pasta; and pizza on the grill.

While we were in Whole Foods, Norm found one of our favorite cheeses - Humbolt Fog. So that sparked the idea of getting a few specialty cheeses, cracking open a bottle of wine and enjoying our deck. So 4 cheeses, a container of quince paste, apples and pears and the cutest whole wheat mini-toasts that you have ever seen later...we were exiting Whole Foods ready to have ourselves a good time! That is until we got back to our car, parked by the state store and I had the idea of each of us picking out 2 bottles of wine to have a wine tasting along with our newly acquired cheese.

Here's what our feast looked like -


...and after = )

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